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As a way of thanking our long time supporters we wanted to offer you the first chance to purchase our new range of high quality, intricately designed milled aluminium keys at a discount.



DSA IN PHASE are precision machined Cherry MX key caps. They are made from the highest quality Marine Grade Aluminium, known for its strength and corrosion resistance.

They have an immaculate finish thanks to the use of high speed sub millimeter tooling, followed by meticulous hand finishing.

Using multiple wave vectors we created an intricate digital mesh to apply to the surface of these DSA keys, which means that each key has a unique pattern and no two keys are alike. However, if you wish to buy multiple keys, we will endeavor to supply you with a sequential set to ensure that the wave pattern flows across the key caps.

Having just completed our first manufactured run of these keys, you can expect to have no delays in production or long waiting periods for group buys. All keys will be shipped within 7 days of purchase.